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Help - Can this granite countertop be fixed?

12 years ago

Granite countertops were installed, yesterday, with DH on site (I was at work). DH had Buehl's checklist but in the chaos of the installation, he forgot all about it and didn't notice these problems:

- Countertop overlaps Stages sink edge by quarter inch so none of the accessories will fit. Pretty much negates the whole point of this expensive prep sink. Fabricator had refused to take the sink after templating - said they only needed the sink template provided by Kohler. Now, they say the Kohler template was wrong and Kohler says "that's a new one! Kohler is mailing a new template to us so we can prove this one way or the other.) Can the facbricator fix this by widening the sink opening?


- Sink is secured with only 2 clips on back and one side. Wood strip on the other side and no clips on the front. Is this a big problem or will it work? Can it be fixed? And, will the extent to which the installer cut into the sink cabinet harm the integrity of the cabinet itself?

- Countertop and backsplash gaps from wall range up to 1/2 inch in points. Isn't the templating supposed to result in a countertop and backsplash that fits more closely to the wall?? Or, is the installer supposed to shave the wall to fit the stone? Or, is this normal? And, is the installer supposed to do something to close the gaps?

- Seam is uneven on the underside of the countertop. This is an issue the installer pointed out to DH and said he would fix on a return visit.

Any advice helping us to figure out what can and should be fixed would be appreciated. TIA!

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