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Granite, To Seam Or Not To Seam

8 years ago

Hello all!

I have a rather simple question, but can't figure the answer out on my own. So I've come to the seamingly (get it?) utmost online authority on remodeling and I'm hoping y'all can help me out.

I've finally made the decision to go with Marron Cohiba (AKA Antique Brown) granite countertops, but it's a remnant and my countertop template is such that there is what I believe they call in the biz a "mica burst" white spotted area that would hit about 2-3 inches away from my cabinetry towards the front edge of one of the sections. This configuration would result in no dreaded seam issues as all pieces would be whole, but the spotted area would likely end up bugging the daylights out of me as the rest of the slab is consistently brown without much white.

The option I'm seriously for realsies considering would be a configuration that would result in the mica bursting offender becoming part of my sink cutout, thus removing said problem area, but resulting in two 3" seams, one on both the front and back rail of my undermount sink. And from what I've read of the nightmares that can ensue from shoddy seams, I'm just wondering if it's even worth it to seam, or should I just place a cutting board or something over the spot and be done with it.

Spotless with seam, or seamless with spot? Thoughts? Pic attached.


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