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Granite mistake - Cash insentive and extra seam - or new Granite?

12 years ago

Our granite was installed yesterday, well partally...

The islands were intalled and look wonderful! I love our delicatus!

Unfortunately, they cut the sink 1 5/8" off center for the perimeter. We are considering the option to have a discount rate (significant) for the inconvenience of an extra seam. I have seen their work and they do great seam work. Our perimeter granite is primarily a solid so pattern matching won't be an issue.

Additional problem is that I LOVE the perimeter granite. It is a suede finish and and very brwon in tone. So many of the antique brown or kodiak brown that we looked at turned grey in color when they were sueded and we really want brown.

What would you do - take the large cash insentive with extra seam, or get all new slabs and no extra seam?

Here are some pictures (I hope they don't show up too big again!)

On Islands

close up of our delicatus on islands

Perimeter Granite

Where new seam would be placed (centered above drawer or to far side of drawer away from oven)

anoter closeup of Kodiak Brown suede - flash

What would you do? Have an extra granite seam with extra cash in hand or start all over on selecting the perimeter granite.

Thanks for the input.

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