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decision time: custom vs. semi custom cabs...

13 years ago

thanks all for providing feedback on my cabinet selection saga for my small vintage kitchen. the sale ends on the semi custom line on 9-june, i need to make a decision and get back to the sales rep. have been grappling with which cabinetry to purchase - custom or semi custom.

1. semi custom quote from omega/dynasty: $10,300. The pro's: more affordable than custom, really like the KD I am working with at shop. Con's: i don't love any of the white paint colors (one is too white, one too tan - i want to use the BM White Dove I used for my trim), may not maximize storage in small kitchen, installation costs higher due to more pieces to install

2. custom: got three quotes. the company i prefer came in at $13,470. this does not include painting which would be another ~$2500 (they do not do finishing, would be a separate vendor). Pro's: maximizes storage space, can select exactly what i want for cabinetry features and get the exact paint color i want. Con's: higher cost, already over budget. Can offset this to some extent in that install costs will be reduced as less pieces to install (exact number TBD, guessing reduction of ~1K, pending input from GC).

3. i ruled out the semi-custom cabs with custom paint option as it is coming in right around custom cabs so might as well go custom if i go that route

Conclusion: I am leaning heavily towards the custom cabs assuming install costs are reduced by the GC and i paint them myself. can't afford to go this route and pay for them to be painted too so it seems like the best compromise. while i do not love painting, i have the space to do it, can take my time to do it right and think i prefer a more natural look vs. the highly sprayed and super slick look.

Am i crazy to consider painting these custom cabs myself?

Any other things i should be considering?

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