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Walnut Veneer? Plain or quarter sawn? Need serious help please

Denitza Kotov
9 years ago

I am going to die... I need to make a decision soon and I can't.

I have a sample cabinet door and one side is quarter-sawn walnut but looks very light, the other side is plain-sawn walnut looking darker. I like the darker better but I worry how busy the grain will be. I am going to pick my veneers from the lumberyard with the cabinet maker.

The quarter-sawn walnut grain is more subtle but very light compare to the plain sawn one. The color on the plain sawn one is richer and has a lot of depth.

Please share your thoughts - how did you make a decision when you picked your veneer?

The grain will go vertically on my cabinets. Would it be easier to match the grain with the quarter-sawn one? I guess yes.

Or should I try some custom stain ( very light ) that will keep the natural color of the quarter-sawn walnut to make it a little bit darker.

I guess my only concern is how wild dramatic the grain on the plain-sawn one can be. I don't need something super big and crazy as a grain but would love the darkness of the plain one.

My space is small 10x13 which I need to consider when I'll make my final decision.

Thank you!

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