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Help...water marks on soapstone!!!

13 years ago

We have a DIY kitchen, which is almost complete. We installed our black venata soapstone from M. Teixeira about 2 months ago and I have been oiling it with no problems. Well, today I cleaned my countertops with Mr. Clean (we had installed the backsplash and done some other work that had left them grimy). I had used it to clean them before with no issues, but I think I used a less watered-down version of it today. Then I oiled them w/ a new bottle of mineral oil. The one I had been using ran out. Now, there are water marks appearing all over!!!!! When the water sits and then is wiped up, there are whitish marks. I tried washing the countertops with a soapy sponge and rinsing them, then oiling them again. But the same thing is happening. Is it the Mr. Clean? Is it the new mineral oil (I bought it at a different place)? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. I am freaking out that I have done something to ruin my wonderful soapstone. I am so disgusted.

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