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Layout Gurus: 2 sinks in small galley kitchen?

10 years ago

Has anyone seen (or have) 2 sinks in a small galley kitchen? My kitchen will be 9.5x18 but one end of the long rectangle is eat-in area, so the actual working part of the kitchen is much smaller. I don't want the cleanup sink visible from the front door (and it would be if it were placed across the aisle from the cooktop). DH suggested a prep sink on the same run as the cleanup sink. Only 24 inches away from the cleanup sink. This would solve the problem of carrying pots a long distance (the aisle is 52 inches currently) at a diagonal to the cleanup sink, but eats up the prep area and drawer storage lost to the prep sink cabinet. DH sees three options (at least!): no prep sink, prep sink on peninsula end, prep sink left of cook top somewhere (but would I lose all my drawers?).

See photos below (the prep sink idea would be at the end of the peninsula).

FUTURE LAYOUT AND SPECS (huge gap between photos for some reason)

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