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Critique this Layout of Small Galley Kitchen

11 years ago

I'm not sure I'm doing this right, but below is the message I posted to Gallery with images attached.

Sorry if this is spam-like!!

Hello all,

This is my first time posting to the forum, so thanks in advance for any guidance you all have to offer!!

I am moving forward with a full remodel of an original 1940's kitchen. The plan is to have all major work done by August 1st.

Pro: I have a fantastic, solid contractor and also an experienced professional who can modify and install IKEA cabs.

Con: I am on a tight budget: ~25K to cover all labor, materials, appliances, hence IKEA cabs.

I have attached drawings by an architect, and 2 drawings by an IKEA installer / former high-end kitchen installer (who will do the actual installation as he can modify the cabinets easily)

The wall separating kitchen and DR will be removed.

Door between kitchen and LR will be walled closed to provide more functional wall space in kitchen.

Structural problem: the window on the south side next to the back door is lower than counter-height. And the depth between the wall and the molding for the window is short.


Fridge will be Frigidaire all-refrigerator.

Induction cooktop (GE? Bosch?)

KitchenAid dishwasher

Likely no oven (my toaster convection oven is plenty)

Microwave of some inexpensive kind.

Demolition starts late next week, and I am suddenly questioning the architect's design:

The custom open shelving does not help with economizing.

I'm not convinced there is enough storage space in her drawings.

I love the open look created by eliminating all or most upper cabinets.

I find the varied height of the upper cabinets to be too busy.

I like strong horizontal lines, especially in a small kitchen.

Would love any and all ideas on the layout!

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