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sneak peek --new/old gumwood kitchen

12 years ago

Here is a first look at our new-old kitchen -- after (top) and before. This is the first time I have been able to figure out how to get the photobucket photos to copy into a message. Next I need to make them smaller! Sorry for the huge images.

The top photo shows the kitchen as it is now, still awaiting the backsplash, the center island, (still to be built) and some trim work and final details. The gumwood is all original but the layout has been modified from the original kitchen (second photo).

The kitchen is about 12 by 14. We did not change the footprint or the original window. DH did all the cabinetry,molding and trim, plumbing, and electric himself. Prior to this remodel, other than some appliances, the kitchen had not been updated since 1978. At that time appliances and tile were done but the cabinets go back to 1927, when the house was built.

We wanted to keep the kitchen consistent with the house, a tudor revival, with respect to materials, color, and styling. I bought the house in 1977 from the estate of the original owners and so was fortunate to have all natural gumwood trim and wood floors throughout. Nothing much had been changed since the day it was built. So in doing the remodel I sought to restore and respectfully update. The house told us what it wanted.

Another key objective was to build enough storage in the cabinets and island so that all the stuff that had been sitting on the counters can be stowed away and the counters kept clear. Other than the espresso maker and toaster (not yet up from the basement) I think we achieved that goal. The pot rack has been hanging for 20 years and will carry on in the new kitchen, but the larger pots will we be stored below in the island.

A few of the details -- Blue Star range, Danby Eureka marble counters, floor tiles are Handmold Select from Seneca Tiles, copper hood with Prestige motor/ blower (not yet installed), Shaw's sink, Perrin & Rowe Bridge faucet. Out of sight in this photo there is a Miele speed oven and dishwasher. The backsplash will be 2x6 WZ Gramercy Park in Bone China, extending to the ceiling behind the range. We are designing the island now -- it will be gumwood and walnut.

We are so excited to have come this far. Thanks so much to everyone who provided such excellent advice, and who commiserated with me through our many, many problems.

We have taken a break to attend to the needs of the garden and the rest of our house but hope to finish up here by???? end of June????


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