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Installers destroyed my ovens. :(

12 years ago

A little background.

Back in December I purchased floor model Thermador Pro double ovens at a huge discount. The ovens were in perfect condition other than a small ding on the top of the upper oven door and a small scratch on the handle of the lower oven. Could barely notice either blemish and well worth the $2400+ that I saved. The ovens were inspected by my salesperson and a service tech prior to delivery and my receipt states the ovens were "floor model in new condition other than ding on upper right door and scratch on lower handle". They were delivered on Dec 28th and sat in my garage on several layers of cardboard and were covered with a canvas tarp and wrapped in more cardboard. They never moved from that spot until they were installed.

On May 2nd the ovens were installed by the store where I purchased them. I paid to have them install the ovens because the warranty would start from the install date rather than the delivery date. The two twits they sent out to install the ovens used a handcart to move the ovens into the kitchen. After they installed the ovens it was obvious the lower door was crooked. Twit #1 said it needed to be adjusted and he didn't know how to adjust it so he'd have someone from service come out to fix it.

After the installers left, my GC arrived and noticed the ovens were missing a trim piece the goes under the lower oven door. He gets down to look through the gap and says "OMG, the whole bottom is crushed. Those idiots crushed the bottom and just left it." I asked him if that would affect the performance and he said he didn't know. Other than the crooked door, which was going to be fixed, they looked fine so I wasn't too worried.

The service tech showed up on Thurs the 10th. He removed the lower door and pulled the ovens out part way to get a look underneath. He told me the whole bottom of the oven was crushed and buckled and it isn't possible to adjust the door. The excess heat is vented through the bottom and he told me the ovens performance would be compromised. I asked how this could have happened and he told me that he believed the ovens were either dropped or moved with a handcart with the ovens facing the front of the cart. That is exactly how the twits moved the oven into the house when they installed it. The service tech was going to contact Thermador and write a report for the appliance store and they would be getting back to me within a few days. Called my salesman and told him what had happened and he said he would talk to his manager, get the report, hear back from Thermador and go from there.

Since then I've noticed that the upper door is also crooked. The gap between the upper door and the control panel is about 1/4" smaller on the right side. Pretty darn obvious now that these things are beyond repair and need to be replaced. I'm hoping the appliance store isn't going to jerk me around.

If you made it this far, thanks. I'm upset.

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