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FINALLY got my 1st samples of F& excited : )

12 years ago

I simply don't know anyone else IRL who would understand the significance of what DH and I did today, so I'll tell you all. *Finally*, months after I discovered that it existed, we went downtown to the only F&B 'stockist' in hundreds of miles, luckily in our very town -- and I got two samples that are close to the color I mixed up myself from Ben Moore samples! I'm actually giddy with excitement that I finally saw a wall of F&B, like a *shrine*, I tell you! I did take another fan-fold sample brochure as an extra party favor : ) I almost bought samples of dead salmon, elephant's breath, and mouse's back as souvenirs, but got over it. Not before saying the names with a haughty British accent, though : )

mid-sample-painting note: the texture is amazing, like puddingish, in fact, I'll be curious to see how it levels. Ben Moore Aura paint, by comparison, would be maybe yogurt? The samples are modern emulsion, not as chalky as the estate emulsion. I committed the mortal sin of asking what the Estate Eggshell would look like on a bathroom wall. The pampered salesgirl said quickly "That's only for woodwork" as if she wanted the memory of hearing my question to be purged from her brain as soon as possible.

I'll post pics of theirs and mine, if anyone's interested, when I'm done. I will have to repaint the room anyway after we remodel it (coming soon), so it will be one of the three...

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