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1st Time (Finally) Repotted Meyer, Please Advise!

7 years ago

Hello, again, Citrus Mavens,

First, sorry, this post has become so long! Apologies and hope you can bear with me! (Should I saw "bearss" with me?!)

About a month ago I consulted with you about re-potting my young Meyer lemon tree ( Got some great advice and information from several of you. It's taken me until today to finally do the deed, and I find that I have yet more questions.

I did my best with the re-pot and I hope I did OK. (I've been reading lots and lots of old threads on this forum, which have been very educational.) I dunked the root ball in a bucket of water and tried to remove as much of the old potting mix as I could, spraying with the hose and trying to gently loosen with my fingers and a chopstick. The good news is the roots looked great, no sign of rot or softness. They were pretty tight and somewhat coiled, though. Especially tight right up at the top closest to the trunk. I tried to loosen them up and uncoil as best I could, and I'm afraid that to make any progress, I had to be somewhat less than gentle. And I wasn't able in the end to remove all the soil, but most.

In my first post, several of you noted that my lemon tree was planted much too deep and that upon re-potting, I should fix that. Once I had it out of the pot, I saw the problem (and you will see in the photos I'll attach here): my poor lemon has basically no trunk. Well, the trunk is only an inch or so, and then there are just masses of roots.

Please see the pix of the re-potted plant. I did what I could to plant it a bit less deeply--but the result is that then there are clumps of roots above the surface of the planting mix. I did cover them up for now--but please let me know if I should keep them covered OR if it's better for those roots to be uncovered.

Also, when I was shaking off the old loose soil, I discovered, ick, lots of centipedes, or millipedes--I didn't stop to count. I haven't dealt with these before at all and I'm not sure how bad that could be. There was also a really enormous and happy looking red wriggler in the pot. : )

I took a bunch of photos through the process: Meyer in old #5 pot; first new leaf growth, yay, finally!; several pix of the root ball with most of the soil washed off; pix in the new #7 pot; closeup of the very short stem and roots above the soil line in the new pot.

Oh--after taking the photos, I did put my tree into a little alcove in my tiny garden where it will be pretty well protected from the elements. This is the first day we've seen the sun here in 7 or 10 days, so sun protection is sadly not usually much of a problem, but there's plenty of wind almost every day.

Thank you for any advice or comments you care to give. I so hope that my little tree didn't suffer too badly from the experience. I'd hate to see much leaf drop. I know it's best to get it into the new pot and new mix--there's some leaf yellowing going on, which I thought might be from over-watering. I think it will be much easier to know when to water with the new potting mix.

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