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Help me get my dining room ready for Thanksgiving (pics)

16 years ago

Hi there,

I have posted on this forum before a long time ago and I think it was about my dining room then too- I can not seem to get it the way I want it - in the 2 1/2 years since we have lived here it has been 4 different colors - it was even wallpapered at one time - Ok so I am now happy with the color but I need to get it accesorised and looking good for Thanksgiving as I am having 14 people for dinner.

I just ordered some silk drapes in a goldish brown/Bronze color - they basically match the wall colors from the foyer and other rooms close by. The drapes will be here for Thanksgiving but now I need help with the other areas

I don't think the mirror I have there works- maybe someone can tell me why and suggest something else - I like the idea of a mirror to reflect the chandelier but i am not sure- I know I need a different centerpiece can anyone suggest something?

I need to recover the chairs - I love them but they have yellow and pink in them- also any suggestions for a rug and other accesories would be great.






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