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10' x 11' Living Room

11 years ago

Any suggestions on how to arrange a tiny 10' x 11' living room to accommodate a family of 3 and TV viewing?

Keeping in mind it's a rental with a horrible shade of beige on the an ideal world, I like having a sofa directly in front of a TV, out of the line of sight of the front door (top left, next to stairs), but this is not an ideal world room. A table lamp for reading and a place to set a drink would be desirable. Any tricks to open up the room and make it appear visually larger?

All the kids stuff ends up on the floor in front of that open railing area opposite the 11' wall. I have tried putting furniture there, but they still put the stuff there and it just spews out further into the room, so I have nothing there now so I don't have to trip. I need to figure out a way to make them use that coat closet by the powder room or at least contain the mess where it happens, will take suggestions on that as well!

I have the computer over in the bottom left corner for now, but if you can think of something else I'm open. Thanks!

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