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Inside or outside mount for Hunter Douglas Duette honeycomb shade

11 years ago

Our Family room has 12' wide (3' and 9') windowss (6' tall) with 2' tall transom windows at the bottom. All casement windows.

I am planning on using Hunter Douglas Duette Architella honey comb shade. Since there is a bar between the top windows and bottom transoms, I can't do inside mount to cover both the top and bottom windows. So, now I have 2 bad options -

Option A - mount 6' tall shade inside the upper windows only. I am not sure if the shade would look funny without going all the way down to the floor at night.

Option B - Mount 8' tall shade above the window frame (outside mount), then the shade can cover both the upper and lower windows. In this case, I am going to ask Hunter Douglas if they can do a huge shade (14' wide) to cover all the family windows. Now, I create 2 new problems

(1) Consistency with other windows in the open great room. I plan to have kitchen and the nook windows and patio doors to be inside mount. Would it look funny to have family room shade outside mount and kitchen/nook inside mount (they are connected with a big open great room)?

(2) Consistency with the patio door right next to the windows in the family room. I was going to use inside mount for the patio door. If the windows right next to the patio door use outside mount, should the patio door also use outside mount? Would this be a pain to deal with since I seem to always see shades mounted on the door.

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