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Help me decide my breakfast nook table for 8 ft by 9 ft space

15 years ago


Help me! My head hurts. I need to close this before the baby arrives which could be anytime now.

I have a 8 ft by 9 ft breakfast nook. We are a family of 3 going on 4 with this one and with grandparents visiting for extended weekends frequently 6 people at the table. I would like to get a 4 seater which expands to a 6 or 8 seater. The only table I have liked so far is this one of 4 ft by 3 ft (i.e.48'' x 36'').

Please copy and paste this link to your browser for a view of the table

I love this table. I wish it had a butterfly leaf to expand to sit 6 instead of just 4. I am thinking the baby will be in a high chair for a while, so that might be not so bad.....But 6 ppl can probably sit with perhaps a bench (which could sit 1 adult + 2 kids???).

This table is 425/- I have seen that tables/4 chair sets with leaf go for $600-700 and leaf tables plus 6 chairs go for $700-900/- On top of that my DH would prefer a counter-height table, so for him getting a regular height table is anyways a compromise. He just doesn't care what kind of table I get right now because in 2 years he is going to change it. We have a kitchen island too so 3-4 ppl can have their meals there too.

I have also taken some pictures of the kitchen nook with masking tape marking how much space the table will take. There are couple with 4 by 3 table (horizontally and vertically), there's one with 5 ft by 3 ft table and there's one with a 42'' or 3.5 ft square. i took this one to visualize how much space a round table will take, I didn't know how to make a circle with a masking tape.

Pros of the table I like:

--I love the look

--The space would look roomy


--Not enough support for a growing family, may have to get another one in couple of years.

--If company comes (as in friends), dinner would HAVE to be served buffet-style; no sit-down dinner.

--Concerned that the kids may hurt themselves on the table legs

Here is a link that might be useful:

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