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New years resolutions

21 years ago

Anyone have one or two that is different that they care to share. I have been looking for some "fun" ideas instead of the exercise, keep house picked up stuff. I am now having lazy sundays with my b/f. He loves to go out- I am a homebody. So every Sunday I am not allowed to work (have my own business on top of working a full time job so I work at home also)or clean the house on Sunday. It is our day to try new restaurants and go on outings or just be lazy and watch movies and ????....My other one is I just bot a needlepoint which I love to do but, never finish it. It is a beautiful santa writing a list. I am going to finish it and give it to someone for xmas. My other resolution is to try (sorry, not try) I am going to volunteer my time at least every other month at some organization. Thinking about doing maybe Make a wish foundation or something like that.. How about everyone else? Any interesting ones out there?

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