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BM stealing SS's opportunity.

12 years ago

OK, here I am again with yet another tale in the continuing saga of the stupidity of SS's BM.

We recently had some issues with SS in that he was writing things on his MSN profile that would lead the casual observer to beleive that he was depressed (even suicidal). Some of the things he wrote were "Too much homework, can't take it anymore!" -- "Homework again, alone and useless." One of the things he wrote was "I'm going to die now, what would you do?". We saw the comments, immediately addressed them with SS and ultimately determined that it was nothing more than a pity-party on his part because he had procrastinated on a major school project and had to spend the whole weekend working on it. We had forbidden him any video games for the whole weekend so he was feeling sorry for himself and angry with us, even though it was entirely his own doing.

Anyway, BM sees the same comments on MSN. She gets in a tizzy and replies to his comments as follows: "I would wonder what I could have done to prevent it. I would cry my eyes out." Essentially throwing fuel on his pity-party fire. Anyway, some e-mails were exchanged with us, whereby she expressed her concern (understandable)and suggested that SS should be getting out more with his friends and maybe get a hobby (this woman has no clue about her own son and how he thinks). SS has ADHD and is awkward around kids his own age -- he has trouble socializing with new people and even though we encourage him in every way to participate in age-appropriate activities, he chooses to stay at home and hang out with us or play videos. He seems to do well in school on a social level, he plays sports during lunch with kids his age and he seems to have friends he talks to and hangs out with there, but he goes to a private school in another town and none of his classmates live near us. Anyway, we explained all the strategies we've tried with SS to get him out and doing things a 16 year old should be doing with people his own age.

So, following our cues to try to get out more and do things with his friends, SS takes it upon himself to purchase a ticket for a well-known comedian who will be in a nearby city in February. He then posts on his MSN profile the following ... "Going to see the _______ _______ show on February 24. Anyone want to come along, let me know." DH and I were ecstatic. He was making an effort to put himself out there and spend time with friends on a social level. But then, along comes STUPID BM with the following post. "Oh, I'd love to come along with you and your friends. Unless you don't want me to, and then I would understand."

So there you go...all the talking on our part and the surge of bravery on SS's part is gone down the toilet, because BM thinks she can hang out with him, wrecking any opportunity he might have had to make a connection with someone his own age. I won't even comment on the passive/agressive tone of her post.

... *sigh*

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