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Venting and disengaging

9 years ago

Since the horrible experience of my step daughter's wedding in May, I have taken the good advice from this forum and have disengaged from my husband's adult children. I have not attended any "family" events, and I have concentrated on being a good wife to my husband of 16 years, and I have encouraged my husband to handle all interactions with his adult kids. This has been a much better situation, because it keeps me out of the rescuer/doormat syndrome. Despite feeling a relief from all of the drama, I am actually very sad that my husband is so willing to settle for disrespect and ungratefulness from his kids, and I am sad to be treated so rudely by his kids.
We have two college aged kids, but I still have deep seeded anger about the way I have been treated. From time to time the anger boils up, and Unfortunately I vent on my husband, like last night. So I am back here once again... It's cheaper than therapy, and twice as effective. Incidentally, my husband's daughter has not communicated with my husband since July, and moved without leaving him an address. She will resurface soon, looking for a big Christmas check. Ditto for my husband's son and daughter in law.

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