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Teak din table. I like the sanded look w/o a finish. Protection?

9 years ago

Our teak dining table was in dire need of a makeover. I've sanded it, then used a dark Minwax oil stain. It was too dark, so I sanded much of it off, and now my husband and I love how it looks. The dark stain remains in some of the grains, and the overall look is more 'rustic'. We'd like to keep it just it as is. But I can tell every oily finger, a dab of butter... Is going to create marks. I bought Minwax natural color and did a test sample. But that brings out too much of the reds and golden hues I'm trying to avoid. I test sampled polyurethane - same thing. What can I put on this table that will protect it, but maintain the color it is now?
I really appreciate your input. I've done a lot of online research to no avail. Most people would never do such a thing to teak, but we're liking it so far.
Thank you.
WA state

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