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Plain Steel Entry Door + Sidelites - Provia vs. HomeGuard

9 years ago

I need to replace my entry door, and I must keep within HOA requirements of a steel door, plain 6-panel, painted in the required color, and 2 sidelites.

I am going today to a place that sells and installs both Provia and HomeGuard. I've looked at the two companies' websites and they both look great, and both have great feedback on this forum.

My entry door is standard at 35.5" wide and 79" tall. The glass in each sidelite is 12" wide. Nothing fancy.

The only obvious difference I see in the two companies' steel doors is that Provia is 20 gauge and HomeGuard is 22 gauge. My biggest concern is about the ease and expense of the factory painting the door and frames in the color required by my HOA. Can anyone tell me if Provia or HomeGuard would be preferable on this point?

Besides price, are there any other differences that will help in my decision?

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