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lookie lookie what came in the mail today!!! tess exchange

15 years ago

Oh my oh my!! I am so excited, I felt like it was Christmas with all the WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, COLORFUL tessarae I got in the mail today from Silvamae.

I can't wait to start my next project using all of these!! SIlva, whereEVER do you find these plates. I LOVE THEM..

ok, not to keep you in suspense, the box was chockful of goodies, orange and yellow tile , bags bags of these gorgeous tiles, blue and white checked, blue and white stars ,yellow and blue tropical tiles, wildflower plates, red and white geometric plates , yellow, blue and orange tiles, bags of plain mirror and colored mirror !! Oh my. And pretty gems and the coolest pink and purple tiles that almost look like beach glass.11 I am just the luckiest gal on this list.

SilvaMae, you sure outdid yourself. THANK YOU.... here's the pix.. kinda hard to see since the tessarae are piled on my workspace.. but you get the idea..

Oh, and two very pretty focal tiles.!!! Now it's going to be hard to decide which to use next!!!

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