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it's not wine but try this recipe

15 years ago

I've tried making wine I have my Grandfathers dandelion wine recipe that is great but I like to make cordials, my brother & sister inlaw, sister & brother inlaw, and I and my husband get together and make all kinds of cordials we call ourselves the Cordial Queens (our Dad named us) try the Amaretto recipe below

5 cups sugar

4 cups water

boil til clear

take this mixture and cool cool cool this is important


3 oz almond extract

1 pint apricot brandy

gallon 100 proof vodka

you can drink it right away but the longer it sits the better, really good after 2 years (I found a bottle I forgot I had)

I rememeber one time our group made 52 fifths of our coffee drink then split it up between us- whats even funnier is I don't even drink but it makes great gifts.