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A Quick Recipe in Making Yellow Convent Wine

14 years ago

If you are interested in making wines at home from extract, then this recipe might help you get started.

5 bottles of Yellow Convent extract, 3 lb. sugar (or 3 3/4 lb. invert), 1 gal. water, yeast and nutrient.

1. Boil one-third of the sugar in half a gallon of water for two minutes and when cool pour into a gallon glass jar.

2. Then pour in the extract, yeast and nutrient. Cover and ferment for ten days.

3. Next, boil another one-third of the sugar and when cool add it to the rest. Cover again and continue to ferment in a warm place for another fourteen days.

4. Then boil the remaining sugar in the rest of the water as before and when cool add to the rest.

5. Cover again and ferment in a warm place until all fermentation has ceased.