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Prune and Raisin Vintage Recipe

14 years ago

I have here the recipe in making prune and raisin vintage wine. Follow the steps and I guarantee you can make superb wine from this ingredients.

3 lb. prunes, 1 lb. raisins, 1 lb. wheat, 2 lemons, 2 oranges, 3 lb. sugar, 9 pts. water, 1 oz. yeast.

1. Prepare the raisins, prunes and wheat as has already been advised and put them with the sliced oranges and lemons in the fermenting vessel.

2. Boil half the sugar in seven pints water for two minutes and pour over the ingredients while still boiling.

3. Allow to cool and add the yeast. Cover as directed and ferment the mixture for ten days, crushing well each day and stirring up the wheat and covering again at once.

4. After ten days, strain out the solids, and wring out as dry as you can and put the strained liquor in a gallon jar.

5. Boil the rest of the sugar in the remaining two pints of water and when cool add to the rest. Cover as directed or fit fermentation lock and leave until all fermentation has ceased.


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