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Loewen vs. Kolbe vs. Marvin

10 years ago

I am looking for casement windows and several patio doors for a 70 unit project for my house. I have quotes from the following three manufacturers and surprisingly they all are running with 5K of each other. First, in the ohio region is it worth going with a triple pane glass and are there any major disadvantages with triple glazing.

What I like
Kolbe: solid construction, USA, seals look nicely done, plenty of cladding options, plenty of interior wood options, they made a big deal about the stainless steel spacer

Loewen: Fir construction throughout, looks incredibly solid, good values based on nfrc

Marvin: similar to kolbe, more distributors,

What i dislike

Kolbe: inferior nfrc u values compared to loewen, pine for the guts of the window
marvin: again u values not nearly as good as loewen in tri pane
loewen: long lead time, canadian, repair issues

I have searched the forums and found some older posts but wanted a fresh perspective, especially since we are approaching 100,000.00 in windows and doors.

Any opinion on u values and shgc for the central ohio region. Is triple glazing just wasting $


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