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Kolbe Forgent vs Marvin Wood-Ultrex

andrew burns
2 years ago

Hi All,

We're narrowing down window choices for our new construction. We're down to Marvin Wood-Ultrex and Kolbe Forgent. More info:

  • We are primarily going black/black with the exception of a few windows which will be white interior.
  • 2w1h SDL Whole House for the whole house. All-Ultrex didn't have an SDL which otherwise we'd be comparing more apples-to-apples with the Forgent
  • The majority are double hung and 3050/3060 sized.
  • Price is within 2% of each other
  • Plan on doing drywall returns if that matters
  • 2 different dealers, but both have great relationships with our builder

Does anyone have any input regarding these two options?

  • I guess i'm mainly interested in if there's any red flags with either choice (seems like both have a strong reputation).
  • Any opinions from a design aesthetic? Our exterior is white with black windows (more of a traditional four-square / craftsman), however our inside is much more modern/minimalistic.
  • Any longevity concerns with the wood portion of the wood-ultrex option?

Thanks a ton for your input!

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