Anybody heard of The Golden Rules of Engagment?


I was wondering if anyone has heard of the DVD "The Golden Rules of Engagment? I have a friend who's seen it and says it's a great DVD for Christian couples who are planning to get married. It has interviews with several married couples who give tips on proposing, planning the wedding, honeymoon, etc. Has anyone seen it and maybe knows where to get a copy?

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I Googled the term and found a web site that sells DVDs and other items related to engagement and marriage. Since we are not supposed to list web sites in these forums, you might Google "Golden Rules of Engagement." Be sure to use the quotation marks as part of your search phrase. Otherwise you will get sites related to business and sports.
I did not find a description of the material contained in the DVDs, so there was no way to determine what the philosophy behind them might be (conservative Christian, orthodox, secular, etc.). If your friend found the information useful, then you might as well.

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