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I wasn't invited to her wedding!

17 years ago

My best friend Liz's sister recently got married. All throughout highschool and college, Liz and I were super close, we still are, and her sister was also a wonderful friend! When I heard the news of her sister's engagement, I was thrilled....even picked out a dress and everything. First off, I have to say that Liz doesnt have the best ettiquite (sp?), and I have learned to accept that in her, so I am not angry towards her at all for the way she broke the the wedding got closer, Liz and I had a conversation where she said "I can see them not inviting your family maybe, but they could at LEAST invite you!" I was floored! After the initial shock, I found out that their dad deeply resented my dad.

*Liz and I were very into horses at one point, her dad too, and her dad would bring theirs over and basically free-load off us for weeks, and one day my dad even saw him stealing from our barn (he didnt know he was being watched, and for the sake of our friendship, I waited until years later to tell Liz, which she suspected anyway. We dont talk about it for obvious reasons, but their horses never stayed over again). I guess her dad extended friendship to my dad periodically, who politely declined for obvious reasons, leaving him resentful.* Her dad still will not speak to me when I go to Liz's house, not even acknowledge my greeting.....which is sooooo ackward to put it lightly, as it has been several years since this occured.

Anyway, I was very hurt that her dad was using Anna's wedding to "punish" me...and probably my dad too. I politely told her that I wouldnt attend a wedding where my family was regarded as such anyway. My family was going to send her sister and fiance a card and gift, but when they realized what transpired, they decided against it. What hurt more I think is that I dont really feel as though the sister stood up for me at all, nor Liz, although i dont know for sure. But we never talked about the wedding much either. It wasn't as though they didn't have room, etc.

So now it comes time for me to plan my wedding. I had always planned on inviting their whole family (I adore her mom and sister, but I am still hurt), but now I am not so sure. Liz will be standing up as bridesmaid, and I really want her mom and sister(BIL too) to attend, as I've known them so long. But I'm terribly hurt. I'm considering inviting them anyway, since I suspect her dad wont come anyway. That way I would at least be graciously overlooking this offense. I would never want to hurt Liz by not inviting her family, although I know she WOULD understand, 100%.

So....what do i do?

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