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In a wedding and know very little about it..

18 years ago

Is that normal? It's just a little over two months until the wedding, I'm in the bridal party and DH is the best man. We know VERY little about what is going on. I know plans have been made and all that but my future SIL isn't saying much.

DH and I aren't the type to jump in and take over or anything and I explained this from the get go to my future SIL and brother. I told them if they wanted something or expected something, to please ask or let us know. And made it VERY clear that I did not plan a wedding (DH and I went to district court) and therefore have no clue what is to be expected of us.

It's hard I think because they live 2 1/2 hours away, we don't know her family or friends at all and we barely talk let alone see each other.

I have gotten e-mails with photos of the brides gown, details about my dress and it's arrival, pictures of pots she wanted painted for the shower (it was a poor picture and I got no other details like how many or what not so I can't make them. I have e-mailed and asked more than once now about it) and was informed the day the shower invites went out that my name was on there for people to respond to. I actually found out just an hour ago from my grandmother that the invites say the bridal party is throwing the shower but she's planned her own!

I'm sort of wishing now I said I couldn't be in the wedding because this is adding a great deal of stress to my already busy life.

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