mob in navy - me, mog, in royal??


I'm the MOG at a late summer wedding. The BMs and MOB will be wearing navy blue. I've found a very flattering dress in royal blue that I love. Is that too matchy and imitating, or different enough and complimentary? It truly is a much brighter blue and of course all the dresses are the same length. Will it be unifying in the pictures, or look like I had no immagination and went along with the rest of the group choosing just another shade of blue? If so, back to the dressing rooms!

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I think it sounds lovely as long as the formality of the dress is similar to that of the MOB's dress. You wouldn't want to wear a dress that looks too much like hers. A shade of blue would be more unifying than if you chose a totally different color.

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Why on earth not? You don't have to match or not match. If you love the dress and it's appropriate for the type of wedding, buy it and enjoy.

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Ask the bride.

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