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Were we inconsiderate?

17 years ago

We are "older" (Not OLD but not super young either)and both previously divorced. We wanted a very quiet wedding with minimal fuss and tension, so we went to a nearby island and married on the beach with only two friends as witnesses. This was exactly the way we wanted to get married and we enjoyed ourselves so much more than if we had 200 guests and all the other stuff.

Now we are getting flack from both sides and my brother has actually declined to give us a gift because he was "not invited". I don't care about getting a gift, but I did go to ALL 3 of his weddings, I think he should cut me a little slack. He lives on the other side of North America, for Gosh Sakes! My husband has a very large family and we would have had to invite all of them, and their children, plus my entire family from back east and just getting to the island would have been a major mess. It was six months ago so too late to have a reception now, and I thought it would all die down, but it hasn't. We are being accused of being "Cheap" and "Cold" etc. Do people have the right to marry in a way that is meaningful to them? Should I say anything or just wait it out? We went to a family party at the holidays and the climate was chilly.

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