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Counting down... 2 weeks to go...

14 years ago

HUGE blow up with SD-18 this morning. All started because I found a note from her boyfriend about how he wanted to share his "sweet, new, glass bong" with her. I honestly don't remember EVER being stupid enough when I was that age to put incriminating evidence in writing... duh!

Afterwards, I get the "you shouldn't be going through our private things" speech from BOTH my son-15 and SD. I reminded them as long as these things were IN MY HOUSE they are not private! And if I was never given a reason to be suspicious in THE FIRST PLACE, I wouldn't have to go snooping through their stuff... Teenagers.. AAHHH CRUD!

Of course, this whole situation is compounded by the fact that SD wants everyone else to take care of her responsibilities, won't get a job, keeps bumming money from whomever will give it to her, wants all of her unnecessary graduation expenses to be paid for by us and continues to date this "loser" whom she thinks she can change by the power of her love... HAH!

Sooo, after the confrontation, SD gives me the blank silence, the "whatever, cause I'm 18 and I don't care attitude" and then says that I won't be bothered by her anymore in 2 weeks anyway cause she's moving in with BM. Well, my response was "thank God for that!". After I'm in the car, taking the kids to school, I get a nasty text from DH saying I was wrong for saying to her what I did... although I keep hearing from him that he's as frustrated with his daughter's behavior as I am! Yet when I have an emotional incident concerning his "baby" I'm always the one who is wrong.

I'm so done, so weary, so counting down the days until she leaves. Tired of arguing, tired of caring, tired, tired tired...

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