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Refrigerator keeps making noise- I need help to know what to do

16 years ago

I first posted this post on the Kitchen Forum and Appliance Forum (forums I just found out existed). I have not gotten a response yet which could be because it is Christmas day (by the way Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays). I was reading some posts there thinking maybe I will see what other people are buying and I saw a refridgerator that was recommended so I looked it up on the Internet and it costs upwards to $15,000 so I thought I better post on this forum that will understand my needs better and maybe have refridgerators that make noise also. :)

My refrigerator keeps making noises all day. I was in the family room all day so I heard it go off and on with this noise that I had always thought was a self-defrost noise. I am not usually in that room for more than two hours at a time to watch a show but today I was there for several hours so maybe I never noticed how often the noise kept repeating at intervals? I had bad cramps today so I stayed home since I could not drive 6 hours round trip to see my family being so sick so I went through old magazines and threw out 3 big garbage bag fulls! I must not keep saving everything so I have room again.

Do automatic defrost refrigerators make a lot of noise off and on every 20 minutes or so?

The refrigerator is a little over 17 years of age and came with my townhouse when I bought the townhouse and moved here a little over 9 years ago. I never bought a refrigerator before since I rented before buying and those refrigerators were not self defrost.

The refrigerator is a Whirlpool in an almond color with the freezer door on top. My friend heard the noise last week and he told me he felt my refrigerator was on its last legs and I should be researching for a new one.

If I need a new one what brands and models are recommended? What color should I buy if my counter and dishwasher is almond colored while my microwave, toaster over and blender are stainless steal with the refrigerator open to the family room that has taupe/beige leather furniture and glass tables?

If I do not need a new one yet, how often do refrigerators last?

I have been painting my place and buying all new blinds and two years ago I just bought a new washer and dryer (everything has been falling apart all of a sudden) so expenses are high right now. I know the water heater and heating/air conditioning units are about to die soon since so many of the other townhouse units had to buy new ones.

I do not want my refrigerator to die on me and have everything go bad that I have in it but I only want to buy a new one if it is necessary right now. I guess I should be looking and know what I want and where to buy it from in case it dies overnight or do I need a new one right now?

Thank you in advance when any of you have some time since I know you are all busy during this holiday season.

P.S. My other friend just called me and asked me if I had an automatic ice maker. The refrigerator says "Equiped for Automatic Ice Maker" but I have nothing in there making ice. I wonder if it came with something and it ws not left with me when I bought the place?

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