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Unusual 'Art' in Your Home?

18 years ago

What's probably the most unusual thing that you have displayed in your home? I love unique, one of a kind things used as art and just wanted to hear what you have! LOL

Mine right now probably is my set of four old numerals taken from a railroad switch box. They are square metal pieces with a numeral on each. As luck would have it, the first two were my lucky number - 29, and the last two were the year I was born - 50. They are raised, chippy black painted numbers on the neatest background of aged, white and paint cracked metal. I put them on a long black rectangular frame - no glass and used the original rusty bolts that held them. Cut the ends of the bolts off and attached them in the holes with Liquid Nails so that they look like they are bolted to the inside of the frame. Hard to describe, but I think they look WONDERFUL! Will post a photo later.

What do you have that others might be interested in hearing about?

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