ideas for granite pieces?

15 years ago

A dear friend of mine owns a natural stone business, mostly making granite & marbel counter tops. I can have all the scrap pieces I want, continuously. Some pieces are large enough for small table tops (one recently was so large 2 men almost couldn't get it out of my trunk!).

It's so beautiful, I would love to have some good ideas of different uses for it. It's about 2" thick, so I can't cut it with tile water saw.

Am going to make a larger mosaic outdoor walkway at a friend's renovated older home. Also, am going to make a tabel for my patio of one of the larger squares. After that, I'm stuck & can't stand to see it all go to waste.

Have thought about table top clocks, maybe short lamp of sorts.

HELP me put this beautiful material to use!!!

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