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How do you talk spouse into getting rid of excess?

15 years ago

We have bedroom furniture that is nice, but is just too much for the room. Well, it fits, but then there is just a pathway through the room.

Almost every room has too much furniture in it, the garage has too many tool boxes or assorted junk that he keeps just in case he needs it for a project, and I'm just as bad with my quilting stash and craft stuff.

But I am ready to get rid of my stuff. How can I show or tell him how much better our life will be without so much junk?

I know now that we will never have a big house again. When we move next time, it will be the same space if not smaller, and I'd like to be more comfortable in this house for the time we have left in it, and with the economy going south, it could be longer than we planned.

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