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grown adult stepchildren

11 years ago

I married my husband 2 years ago, his wife had died of cancer 1 year before that. I had been divorced 7 years, had a good paying job, a great life. My son in law introduced us, My husband was his boss. We lived 6 hours apart and he and I burnt the roads up seeing each other. One night on the phone he ask me to marry him. after 4 mths. I loved him very much, soul partners, if you will. I came to his house and my married daughter, and 2 of his daughters were there. They love him very much, one of hus daughters, that just had twins, is very needy, as is her husband. I just defriended 2 of them off face book because all the put are pictures of there mom and how great she was, I am sure she was. There dad put all 3 of them through college, ones a lifetine student. I have tried being nice ti them, knowing I will never replace there mom.
Two of them treat me like I should not be here and will come over, get our housekey and let themselves in, when we are not at home. My 3 children would never think about doing that. The one with twins wants to go back to work and us keep the chilren for free. I said no. I am on disability because of back problems and my husband will retire in June. We were so excited but now my huband thinks, he should babysit 2 1 yos. I can tell you that we will probably end in divorce if he does this. They are always asking for money, The husband has a great payinf job, but spends his money on 4 wheelers, boats, guns, dogs, etc, so I think he needs to be more responsible, so does my husband, but he shells out money to them.She is the youngest, spoiled and thinks everyone should give, give give them anything they want, All her calls surround money issues and asking "Daddy' what am I going to do. This is part one, its so long, but I have no one else to talk too. I love my husband so much,but they are always bringing up their mom in front of my husband amd me, which makes me uncomfortable. We live in his house, his wife and him lived in, also she got a big dog before she died and made my husband ppromise to keep it (HOUSEDOG). He hates it and so do It reminds me of her Its bad enough I have to live in the same house she did.
ENOUGH NOW, If someone could give me advice on ths part I would appreciate it.
all the time, but he won't get rid of it..

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