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Totally Off Topic---My horses :)

14 years ago

Someone had asked about my horses so here we go :) I breed, train and show American Miniature Horses and American Shetland Ponies. My 17 year old son and I do it together (and dear hubby but mostly Kyle and I) During foaling season we have a live foaling cam so people can watch the mares give birth. We also have a live farm cam but its down right now. Im going to try and get it working again later today.

We have so much fun with them and it really is a labor of love. My farm site is (play on words ha ha) I also started and own a pony forum so people can discuss ponies

Im working on a new gourd with horses running all around it (once I get the butterly gourd done) but I really want to wood burn it and I cant afford a wood burner yet.


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