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Who Knows How to Make Mason Jar Oil Lamps? (Photos)

14 years ago

I made two oil lamps last weekend and I was wondering if anyone else on this forum has ever made these. If so, I'd love to see your creations or get some links to sites with more information about them. I have included a link at the end of this post to one of the few sites I found that had info on Mason Jar Oil Lamps. I'd like to make some more as gifts so I'm looking for more ideas.

One of the lamps I made turned out well and one didn't. The first picture below is the one where I used freshly-sliced real fruit. That's the one that didn't turn out well; it keeps leaking. I was wondering if I should have used dried fruit or fake fruit. I thought I had heard that real fruit could be used but something is up with the one I made with real fruit because the oil just keeps pumping up through the wick and spilling out the top.

The second pic below is the one that turned out very well. It was beautiful and I have been using it with no problems. I used dried potpourri in it.

So I would love to see any lamps you've made or hear about other web sites that have instructions or ideas for additional lamps. Also, if anyone knows how to use real fruit successfully in an oil lamp, please let me know what I did wrong :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Web Site With Mason Jar Oil Lamps

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