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Making my own soy candle but can't get them to smell!!!

15 years ago

I started making candles about three months ago and i would like to make them and sell them. I have a lot of people wanting them but i can't get them to smell. I started with parifin wax but after reading i found people would rather have soy and i couldn't get the parifin wax to smell. They had a great cold throw but nothing when they burn. Soy is easier to work with easy clean up just better all around. So i turned to soy. I went to just by nature and bought my supplies. I did everything that i was supposed to do. I got wicks for my size of jar (they have a chart on the site that helps you for your wick size) I used 1 oz of fragrance oil per pound of wax i even bought a coconut oil because it is supposed to help with the warm scent oil. I made two different batches of candles some with the coconut oil some without. I let them cure for at least a week. Some longer. I mixed everything for about two minutes and let it cool a little before i put it in containers. I heated the jars to room temp as they say this helps the candles adhere to the jar.I put them all together when cooling so they cool slower. Again when i burn them my room don't smell. I put one in my little bathroom and let it burn with the door shut and i got nothing. My wic is mushrooming and both wics i tried did that. I used 100 percent soy wax. I made sure the fragrance was able to be used with soy. I need help now that i have wrote a book i have questions. Am i doing something wrong? Where is good place to buy wax, wic and fragrance oil? Anything that you can give me to help my situation will be great. I love making them but after you fail so many times you tend to get upset and uninterested. i have made about 30 candles and now i am just burning them to reuse the jars. I have bought from different sellers for my supplies so it's not that i got a bad batch of supplies its something that i am doing wrong!!! Still no smell in any of them. Great cold throw nothing when it burns. I would love to see what i can do with this. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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