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Steam distillation of essential oils

17 years ago

Hi, this is my newest project. I am a glass blower and i am just blew myself a apparatus to steam distill my own essential oils. So far i have done, California bay leaves, lavender, oranges and a failed first attempt with spearmint. However i plan to do Eucalyptus, peppermint, and possibly some Lactarius Rubidus (Candy Caps) a mushroom that when dries has a strong aroma similar to butterscotch or maple syrup.

I am wondering if anyone else is knowledgeable with distilling their own oils, buti am more concerned about mixing certain oils together, and how it may effect the PH levels of my soap as well as other biological effects.

Also i was wondering if burning some essential oils in my candles may produce vapors that are unhealthy to breath?