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If you do Craft shows, or sell in a shop.....

18 years ago

how have the soap & other handmade/homemade products been doing?

I do local craft shows & am in 1 shop locally, besides having the web site.

Soap/lotions etc orders, retail & wholesale have been doing okay on the web, but locally have really fallen off.

I don't even bother taking lotions etc to shows, same with bath fizzies & bath teas. They just don't sell. The soap is still selling, but sales are off. (Not just on it...everything)

At the shop the soap sells okay, lotion didn't. Bath bombs (fizzies) did, then fell off. I took out bath teas & replaced the fizzies with them. They did okay, but they fell off in sales. Have rotated fizzies back to the shop (after requests) & they aren't moving much.

Just wondered HOW everyone else was doing??

I know all the crafters locally (or a good majority anyway) are complaning about sales being down. Last year I made about 1/3 of what I usually do at shows...........

So what are you finding in YOUR area?

Whats doing good? bad?

what's new?

Curious minds want to know..........

(and I wanna see if anyone's still around....LOL)


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