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Goat Milk Soap Recipe

14 years ago

While cleaning out the craft closet I found a 2lb block of MP Goat Milk Soap my daughter picked up at a craft store, but never made it into bars.

I had the double boiler out so went ahead and made some bars, adding 2ozs of wheat germ oil to the 2lbs.

Used it for 2 showers so far and love it.

I regulary make creams with wheat germ oil for the winter months and I think the combination of the goats milk and wheat germ oil is what my almost 50 year old skins likes.

I have, in the past made CP soap using water, but would like to try using the goats milk instead of water.

I saw Martha Stewart has a recipe and am considering using that recipe, subbing some of the olive oil with wheat germ oil.

Anyone ever try the Goats Milk Recipe from Martha and the results?

Anyone have another Goats Milk recipe that is a bit smaller than my basic CP batch that makes less than 8lbs of soap?

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