How to best organize negatives?


I need some advice, tips, or your system for organizing negatives.

I recently purchased some of those negative holders (about 12x12") that are from the Crop in Style line (I think) and go in the PSB binder. But it will take a million of them (and $10 a pack is a little high for all I will need) to get all my negatives organized. Do any of you put more than one strip into each slot (like the whole roll) - or would they get scratched that way? Anyway, I'd love to hear advice on that and like I said above, on how you organize your negatives. Thanks!

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I use the Generations Photo Express. Its accordian style with lots of compartments and is acid free.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo Express

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I just organized all my negatives and what a challenge! My neck hurts from looking at them under a light to see what they were, etc. Ha ha ha

Anyway, I used a photo-picture box and with index cards, I wrote the subject and year(s) on them...from there, I listed what negatives were in there in chronological came out pretty nice and it's organized enough to find everything.

For instance, I wrote VACATIONS on one, HOLIDAYS on one, and BIRTHDAYS on one - from there, everything is in chron. order by the year.

You can also do this in notebook form, but you would have to transfer all of the negatives into a 3-hole punched sleeve, which is a major pain when you have so many.

Just an idea...Good Luck!

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Hi Leslie, just saw this post. Hope you see my question given it's so many years later. Did you decide whether to limit your negatives to strip/slot or did you put a whole roll into each slot?

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