Akward Layout Fix II

8 years ago

This is 2nd post regarding a minor remodel of our kitchen with a terrible layout. Really been a roller coaster as extra costs for other repairs in the house has put the kitchen plans all over the map. Got the recent good news that what we had thought was a bearing wall was not so it can come down. I checked out laminate countertops from Wilsonart and Formica at Lowes and was surprised at the quality. I was also surprised at how much u can save if you have your own carpenter/contractor install. 63 square feet for less than $600 materials, compared to a nearly $2000 turnkey job from Lowes. ($29 per square)

My question is where to place 2 pantry cabinet units of 18 inches wide each. I had originally placed them by the fridge, but would a 36 inch base and wall units go better there moving them to the back wall. The plan is now to add a 36 inch coat closet on that back wall.

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