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Source of leaking?

14 years ago

We had our roof replaced on August (tear-off) and about 6 weeks ago we noticed a couple of small leaks on the wall where the addition with a flat rubber roof meets the rest of the house. A guy from the roofing company came out and looked around, but ended up sealing a couple pin holes on the rubber roof, which they did not replace back in August. So after the next bout of rain it leaked again, but more than it had before. He came out again and patched up a couple more pinholes on the rubber roof. Then the last time he came out it had leaked much more so he said it couldn't be from pinholes on the rubber roof because there was too much water for that and now there's a growing wet spot on the ceiling a few inches from the wall as well. He sealed some flashing that runs along the back dormer because it wasn't laying flat enough with asphalt and colored it to match the roof shingles. Well it's raining hard tonight and the water is seeping through yet again! It's dripping down the addition side of the wall where there is wood paneling and the ceiling wet spot is getting even larger, now it's probably 2 ft in diameter.

If you've made it through my long saga this far, why would the leaking be coming down the addition side of the wall and the ceiling in the addition be getting wet when the rubber roof above the addition seems fine? Where could the water be coming in?? Is there any potential danger, like electrical, from the water that we should be careful about?

I don't have a good picture of the roof but I've attached one from a couple years ago before we had our roof done just to illustrate where I'm talking about. If anyone has suggestions or pointers I would really appreciate it! We're going to be calling the roofer again in the morning.


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