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Survey: Do you really enjoy 'dating?'

11 years ago

I have done it a lot, and frankly I'm finding out that I don't really enjoy it a whole lot. I get my hair and nails done, maybe even buy something new to wear, and 30 minutes into the date I'm wishing I was vegging out in front of the tube.

I've had more two-hundred-dollar dinners than the next 50 people combined, can afford to take myself to the movies, the dances, and plays, etc., etc. I like my small home and my flowerbeds, and really enjoy being there. I'm not lonely either.

Although totally unrealistic, it would be so nice if I could just find someone to hang out with whenever, and not have to go through the "dressup & stepout" routine. It must be even worse for you men who often have to foot the bill (or think you do anyway). I guess it's just something we have to do if we want to find/create a lasting, loving relationship. I remember that in a lecture one time, the speaker said to a group of singles, "It's a numbers game. You have to go through them one by one until it clicks."

What do you folks think about dating? Is it a tiresome process for you, or do you really enjoy it?

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