Scrapbooking Kit for Boy's 1st Birthday


I have never scrapbooked before, but I would love to do something special for my great nephew's first birthday. The little research I have done tells me that this is not a hobby to go into lightly as it appears to require a pretty good investment. Because I am not sure I will continue to scrapbook, I would love to just find a nice little kit to use. Does anyone know where I could find a kit for a little boy's first birthday? If it matters, it is going to be a John Deer party...

Thank you all for any suggestions!

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To my knowledge there is no kit, BUT, you can make up a scrapbook without much money. Places like Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's etc have pages that will fit a regular 8 1/2x11 notebook. You can buy either card stock from craft stores or Staples. You can find scrapbook magazines at stores for ideas. Watch for sales for supplies. Ask the sales people for help. Scrapbooking is as expensive or cheap as you make it. You can buy all sorts of things to put on pages. Some cities have scrapbooking clubs. There are people who sell materials to small groups of people and will teach you (and try to get you to buy only their brands) . There is so much on the internet that is free (patterns etc) and low cost supplies. Ask around your town/city. Garage sales sometimes will have magazines and supplies. Thrift stores will have craft supplies. You can use anything you want to in making scrapbooks. Yes, even the Dollar stores have supplies, and yes I have seen John Deer supplies, but by using a notebook it can be added to through out the year. And much cheaper. Just ask your friends, check notices on bulletin boards, in the paper etc and start slow and have fun!!!!

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