Saving money when using an air condiioner or dehumidifier

7 years ago

This will actually save you money only if you pay for water, but could help if sometimes you run out when pumping water from your own well.

As you know, those machines remove a substantial amount of water from the air.

Get a bucket of some sort and save the water that they produce, use it for flushing toilet, watering plants or other non-critical use, even washing hands if you don't plan to prepare food in the near future. Their containers tend to get somewhat dirty.

It could well be a double saving, as some municipalities charge for both water and sewage, and calculate the expected sewage usage related directly to the amount of water that enters the home ... which cheeses off royally folks who use water from the tap to water their lawn.

Actually, if you have a bucket in the bathroom and dip out water from the lavatory which you've just used to wash your face, get a second usage by flushing the toilet ... I doubt whether either the lavatory or the toilet would complain.

ole joyful

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